My art is a process through which I investigate questions about the universe, the self, and the nature of creativity.  I try to evoke, through calligraphic marks (circles, letters & scribbles), the rhythm and patterns of ruminative thought.  Using drawing, painting and assemblage, I create paintings or 'constructions' to tell a story.

Much of my work suggests diaries, notebooks, calendars or maps -- things we use to chart and mark an individual course within a larger flow of time and space.  I especially want to engage others in a 'conversation' about what they think of art/life/themselves.  Often my work is interactive, and invites exploration through participation or opportunities of rearrangement or completion.

At other times, I try to provoke the viewer's consideration of the poetic in everyday experience through the recombination of common objects and found materials within my work.  One of my prevailing concerns is with the passage of time -- not in its grander conceptions but, rather, as I experience it in its smallest, more ordinary increments.

Jaye Whitworth